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Finding the Lowest Credit Card Rates

Finding the lowest credit card rates available only makes common sense if you’re serious about managing your money, not to mention your credit card expenses.

For the past ten years, the balances that Americans are holding carrying over to the following month has been steadily increasing. One reason for this is the worsening economy which forces more people to use their credit cards for daily essentials such as food and utilities. Finding the lowest credit card rates can help you to take control of your finances.

Those who seem to have the best luck in managing their finances, follow a common set of rules. They don’t blow big money on purchases that are frivolous and that they don’t need. They’re very good at saving a certain percentage of their monthly salary or earnings into some sort of savings vehicle. They also don’t tend to charge a lot on credit cards. If they can’t pay for something outright, they tend to wait until they can afford it. And in the instances where they do need to charge something, they made sure that they were able to find the lowest credit card rates available at the best terms.

So where do you find these credit cards with low rates? Luckily, there are a couple of websites that can help you to do initial research. The best have macro searches where you specify search criteria for the specific type of card that you desire. For example, do you want a card that gives you frequent flyer miles when you use it? Do you want one that gives you cash or other awards when you use your card? Or maybe, its’ more important that you get an instant approval credit card, a student credit card, or one for small business. By far, most people that perform searches on these sites are simply looking for cards with the lowest credit card rates

2 Websites to Help You Find The Lowest Credit Card Rates

1) – this site has most of the credit card offers available online. Thousands come here every day to compare the various cards to each other and choose the perfect one for themselves. You can also apply for cards at this site as one of its primary functions is to drive leads to credit card issuers – thus brining credit card companies and consumers looking for credit cards together.

2) – this site is also a popular one for consumers looking for information on various credit card companies.  It’s one of the leading aggregator of credit cards on the Internet. Similarly to, it brings consumers and credit card issuers together.

Both of these sites are very good at listing the main features of particular credit cards as well as alerting you to any potential rate hikes> More specifically, for those looking for low credit card rates, these sites will usually highlight the lowest APR credit card that each bank or issuer offers. And they will normally have an application form right on the site making it easy to apply.

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Get Out of Credit Card Debt
If you want to keep some semblance of control over your financial situation, you have to get out of credit card debt. Failure to do so can put severe limits on your future lifestyle.


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