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How Not To Pay Your Credit Card Debt – Only A Dream

If you’re wondering how not to pay your credit card debt, you should realize that unless you’re a high roller, creditors will enact some sort of price, even if non-monetary, in return for forgiving your debt.

Many people probably have considered a variety of options of how not to pay your credit card debt. In other words, they are looking for ways to get out of debt without paying your credit card bills. If you are looking for ways how not to pay your credit card debt that will get you out completely without damaging your credit, you are out of luck.

There are no ways to completely avoid paying your credit card debt that leave you with decent credit. if you do not wish to pay for any of the debt you owe. There are ways how not to pay your credit card debt if you are looking for a way to pay it off without damaging your credit and still make all your other obligations.

How Not To Pay Your Credit Card Debt Without Extensive Credit Score Damage

If you are short on funds and are looking for ways to get around paying all your bills but just cannot seem to make ends meet to pay them all then there is a way you can get away without paying your credit card bills in favor of more important bills. This should only be done if absolutely necessary and for the shortest amount of time possible.

The first thing to do is to take care of your must pays. This includes things like rent, food, car, child support, and the things you have to have in order to live and work. If you have the option of paying the mortgage or rent or the credit card pay the must haves first. Credit card companies will usually wait 30 or more days before issuing collections or submitting your information to the credit reporting agencies as delinquent. While you may end up paying fees or higher interest rates, it can help you keep your home, car and take care of the things you have to have in order to live.

This should only be used as a way to buy time to get your financials in order and you should make a payment, the late and the current payment as soon as possible on your credit card in order to avoid collections action. This type of reordering will usually only create small notes on your credit if at all. This means that the damage is not as extensive as doing something drastic as a bankruptcy or charge off will cause.

More than anything else, it’s important while you’re paying off your old debt to avoid incurring new debts. The more debt you build, the greater the chance that you’ll never climb your way out.

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