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Most of us never learn the right way to handle money. The right home budget software can help you to manage your money so that you’re not always living from paycheck to paycheck. Home budget software makes it easy to stretch your money and  have money left over at the end of the month.

If the average person simply learned how to track their monthly expenses, and nothing more, they’d be surprised at how much money they could save each month. Home budget software lets you do that.

Here are three home budget software products currently selling to fit various budgeting needs.

1) Money Tree Personal Budgeting Software

Price $24.95
Operating System: Windows only

Very easy to use zero setup system. Lets you track day to day spending, do monthly reconciliations, set goals Perfect for simple month to month budgeting.


  • Notifies you when bills are due. No more forgetting payments.
  • Monthly reconciliation feature helps you to easily balance your budget at month end.
  • Manage savings goals – helps you to save money for travel, taxes, bills, and so on.
  • Let’s you track planned income and expenses against actual figures.
  • Automatically sets budget for next month at the end of the current month.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

Watch the demo.

2) Financial GPS – Personal Finance Software

Price $90.00
Operating System: Windows only

Comprehensive financial planning software will allow you to categorize and track expenses, organize debt, build budgets, identify net worth, create a retirement savings plan, and more.


  • Track 401k Investments
  • Track Stock Investments
  • Gap Analysis – helps you to narrow the gap between income and expenses.
  • Debt Manager – prioritize and pay off debts
  • Retirement simulation modules
  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly transactions

If you only need home budget software, this system is overkill. But if you want a home budget software plus an entire personal finance system, this is hundreds of times better than a spreadsheet.

Watch the demo.

3) Breakthrough Family Budget Worksheet

Price $14.99
Operating System: Windows only

Simple, easy to use monthly family budget worksheet with no bells and whistles.


  • Takes only 20 minutes of your time, twice a month.
  • Worksheet to track monthly expenses.
  • Worksheet to isolate and track non-monthly expenses.
  • 3 Chapter digital book illustrating budgeting steps that you need to take.

Sometimes, all you need is a worksheet. If so, this may be the software for you.

See the screenshot.

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