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Here is some simple credit card debt help for those who are confronted with credit card balances that threaten to overwhelm them and looking for ways to erase credit card debt.

1) Begin to budget – without a budget, finances can very easily get out of control. Many financially related studies show that most of us think that we have more money than we actually do. We also believe that we spend less than we actually do. That’s why family finances are so often out of whack.

For example, when we pay for gas or a small grocery purchase with our credit card, most of us don’t consider that its real money coming out of our pocket – at least not until the end of the month when we get the credit card statement. A budget helps to keep our minds focused on what we are actually bringing in and paying out each month. Creating a budget and following it can get a family out of debt if they make a sincere effort to stay within their means.

2) Seek credit counseling – Most of us never learned about credit, debt, or financing in school. And our education on credit card use probably consisted of watching our parents take a card out of their wallet and pay for merchandise and services. As a result, it’s no wonder that so many people get into trouble over credit card abuse.

Credit counseling can help to fill the gap in your knowledge and teach you how to handle credit cards responsibly as well as how to get rid of debt that you have already accumulated. It will also teach you how to shop for credit and the best ways to negotiate for loan terms.

3) Consider debt negotiation – If your debt has already ballooned to the point where you are really struggling to pay the minimum amount on your card each month, you should probably consider negotiating the debt with your credit card company.

This is not something that credit card companies like to do, but they would rather do this than lose a good customer. Assuming that your credit is still in good standing, you can often negotiate the interest rate down by simply asking for a reduced rate. You can also negotiate away late fees and other fees if you have been unlucky enough to send in your payment one or two days past the due date.

4) Stay in contact with your credit card company – A mistake that all too many people make is to avoid phone calls and letters from their credit card company when they get behind in their payments. It is a mistake because, once they understand your situation, they can often offer you alternative solutions to your credit card debt problem that you are not even aware of.

For example, almost all major credit card companies have policies in place for dealing with hardship cases where a customer has lost a job or gone through some other bit of misfortune. Many times these policies will allow for them to change the terms of your payment balance to make it easier for you to pay. But, unless you keep in contact with your credit card company, you might never know that such a program exist.

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